In today's technology driven world, its hard to imagine life without gadgets.
Yet the gadgets of today are just the beginning of the devices yet to come.


Industry's rate of change is becoming alarming. Just as you get familiar with the products – They're obsolete!

Life is all about Change... More so now than ever before. People need to adapt to new ways of working and technology waits for no person to catch up. So the key is to step back and think of how humans interact with each other and then apply the technology. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all flavour of the month… for now… but you can bet your bottom Dollar / Yen / Rupee / Euro / Yuan that something new is around the corner.

Many of us are definitely lifelong learners. It's about taking the best of what's available here and now and turning it to our advantage.

This is the philosophy adopted by Sematronix. Clustering is the name of the game. It always was and it always will be. It's just the tools that change. Having being involved with several European Projects it's good to see a much wider and global picture of the world and realise that everyone has the same types of problems and issues to resolve. A successful businessperson tends to be ruthless and profit focused and this is the typical short term model so many people aspire to follow.

Why not adopt a friendly happy fun approach to do what we have to do anyway.

Greed and ruthlessness is a sure way to crash and burn. Instead focus on delivering a quality service to all your clients and think of long term relationships. After all isn't that what you strive for in life anyway. So Clustering is the name of the game and SMECluster is our answer to collaborative working at a social and business level.

It's a localised approach where you do business with people you know and trust. Sematronix is the legal entity behind SMECluster and is challenging the old myths and going back to first principles of people knowing their business then need the latest technology fads to do business whist impressing their friends

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